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Thursday, June 19, 2014


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Hi! I'll be trying the rub tonight, though they won't be able to sit too long. I'm using country style ribs and am going to have to shorten the cook time, but I think I can break between the layers and get the rub distributed across the surface area a little better. I will share my results!

Love the blog btw. I'm glad Ilya shared this with me.

Tania Erminson

Cool! Hope the ribs turned out delish, Joe!


They were excellent. The rub was a big hit. I didn't have any of the ingredients at our new place to make the BBQ sauce so I made a North Carolina style sauce with a bit of 5 spice for some added complexity. Will definitely be using the rub in the future.

Next weekend we're doing some pizza on the egg. I'll report in on that too :)

Tania Erminson

Sweet! I'm happy to hear that the rub worked. Could you please share NC BBQ sauce recipe? I love 5 spice. Gives a nice touch to the cocktail sauce too.

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